A single provider to get the whole job done!

Rigging and
Millwright Services

Egenolf Industrial Group elevates itself from competitors in the press service market by integrating press service with comprehensive rigging service. The demarcation between multiple vendors often is clouded with unclear expectations and responsibilities. Egenolf eliminates the confusion by incorporating all aspects of industrial press service as a singular service provider.

Egenolf is a well established industrial service company. We have provided industrial millwright and rigging services since 1973 for clients nationwide. We will work with you to insure that your rigging and millwright service needs are met with professionalism. Egenolf will work to provide smooth rigging, machinery moving and millwright operations to insure that you can focus on running your business maintaining productivity while we are at work behind the scenes.

Egenolf will assist to create a budget and execute a truly turn-key process in the relocation of large stamping and metal-forming machinery. With capabilities of a single pick exceeding 1 million pounds, Egenolf can efficiently and professionally relocate one press or an entire plant.

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Fully Integrated Installations

Egenolf Industrial Group is able to provide its customers with fully integrated installations of heavy press and machinery. From power runs and and service installations to air lines and plumbing, we’ve been there, we’ve done that. Many times. And we’re good at it. With a team of professionals that is second to none, we are perfectly comfortable making all of the connections necessary to get your equipment back up and running.

Egenolf has provided industrial installations as part of our core services since our formation. We have installed industrial machinery for numerous large industrial companies and have a great reputation for our professionalism. By allowing Egenolf to provide your industrial installations, you can be sure that you are working with a company with years of experience under our belts. This will give you the piece of mind in knowing that all fully integrated installations will be performed by dedicated professionals.

Whether it is the plumbing, controls, electical wiring, or simply leveling and anchoring, we’ve done it before and would be glad to do it again, for you.

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Turnkey Relocations

If you’re considering moving your machines, then you need look no further than Egenolf Industrial Group. With 35 years of real world experience, Egenolf has moved machines weighing as much as 100 tons. With DGN lowboys, step-decks, flats and vans, we have the equipment and expertise to provide you with contract hauling and long-distance transportation services.

Egenolf provides full turnkey relocation services for industrial machinery. This means that we will not only move your vital equipment, but can also store your machinery until you require re-installation in your new work space. This removes the worry of our clients finding separate companies to move and store their valuable and essential industrial machinery.

In addition to transportation, Egenolf can also provide warehousing, if needed. We have 10,000 sq. ft. of heated, dry storage and plenty of outdoor spaces available. We will store your industrial machinery in a perfect environment to insure that it is in peak working order when re-installation occurs. This means a lot less down time once your machinery is in place in your new location. You can be confident that your machinery is not only safely moved and transported, but also stored in the best environment for future use.

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